Friday, October 3, 2008

Great websites

I want to draw your attention to something I've just added to this blog site: a list of websites and blogs that I think offer the best of information and ideas for those caring for their elderly parents.

I'm not actively going out to find these sites. However, when an outstanding or especially useful one comes to my attention I'm going to share it with you here.

Look on the sidebar at right, under the heading Websites I Like, and take a little time to peruse what these sites offer:

Aging in Place: a round up of various cool technology that facilitates seniors staying at home. Also offers musings related to what seniors really need, all in a well-written and clear presentation by Lauri Orlov.

ShirleyBoard: offers some useful online tools to help organize the plethora of paperwork and info that caregivers have to manage. ShirleyBoard also links to:

SeniorCare Marketer: Although this site defines itself as geared to the business of aging, I found it contains excellent posts on issues related to the future of senior care, along with useful links. It's refreshing to read well-written, thoughtful pieces about the industry of aging. Personally I find such knowledge useful in evaluating the services and products I need, along with helping me make sure my expectations are valid.

I'm in the midst of evaluating a very unusual website that I think you'll love. Check back soon.


Helen said...
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Helen said...

This is a terrific site, so helpful to those of us (not me, unfortunately) who have aging parents. Good job!

Aging Avenues said...

Caring for your aging parents is a big job that few are prepared for. You're right good resources are difficult to find. I used to work in nursing home and assisted living admissions and saw families not know where to turn for more information about what was to come. That's why I created which is a site to learn about almost 200issues affecting your aging parents as well as helps you plan for the future. It also includes community resources and service providers for the Indianapolis area but all the content is universal. Many of the resources are national or on-line as well. You can also learn about different aging episodes on our blog, I hope this helps. Breath deep and learn to laugh.